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Welcome to Bootcamp Workout. This is a website dedicated to giving Australians everything they need to know about joining a bootcamp workout class.

A bootcamp workout is fun and effective in helping people of all ages get fit and look great. We have joined up with the leading bootcamp workout company in Australia, Urban Bootcamp, to provide you with a 6 week workout course, at an affordable price.


Boot Camp Workout is exciting and held in merrylands, homebush and castle hill

What is a Bootcamp Workout?

Bootcamp is a new and exciting way to workout and get fit.

Bootcamp is an intensive program for you to achieve your personal weight loss and fitness goals. A bootcamp workout course is usually conducted within 6 weeks. Within each week there is usually 3 Bootcamp Workout classes held, each having a particular fitness goal. When signing up to a Bootcamp Workout, this should normally be coupled with a comprehensive eating plan and a personalised workout program.

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What does it involve?

Bootcamp Workout Locations

Urban Bootcamp is expanding rapidly! Bootcamp workout training sessions are being held in numerous locations around Sydney, and the number is expanding. You can join a bootcamp workout class at any of the following 5 locations:

If you have any questions regarding these bootcamp workout classess, including workout session times, cost, trainer info etc. feel free to contact the bootcamp workout specialists on 1300 765 245

Bootcamp Workout is fun, healthy and affordable!

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